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Advanced Database Solutions will tailor a database software system to your exact company's processes and workflow. We specialize in creating easy-to-use, custom, data-driven business systems for your LAN or the web. We program complete systems, including all the reporting and flags that you will need. We also develop niche software to fill in any gaps present in your current systems.

MS Access Database Programming Microsoft Access is the premier database for small to medium-sized companies. It has every feature a business needs to handle all aspects of workflow control, high-level business management, reporting, e-mail automation, document production, accounting, business rule enforced data-entry, creating PDFs, as well as facilitating the everyday repetitive tasks that make up much of what employees often have to maintain.
MS SQL Server Database Programming Microsoft SQL Server is the next step when your business grows beyond 20+ concurrent database users. It can be swapped with your MS Access database back-end, all while leaving the users�MS Access interface experience virtually unchanged.
MS ASP.NET Data System web page development If your business has the need for your customers to gain access to your company's information, perhaps to look up their proposals, quotes, shipping dates, etc., ASP.NET provides the best platform to attain this. Design with data in mind, ASP.NET web pages will serve everyone outside of your company with maximum satisfaction.
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Try our free estimate creation software       Advanced Database Solutions is currently offering 40 hours of free Microsoft Access programming. Click here to discover the details of this fantastic offer to get your own, unique, free Access database for your company or small business.
     The professionals at Advanced Database Solutions provide only superior top-quality custom data systems for your business's LAN, intranet and internet. We will guide you through the entire process while we write the most easy-to-use system your business has ever encountered.
Microsoft products and technologies our software company programs with; MS Access, MS SQL Server, Active Server Pages websites (ASP), ASP.NET websites, Visual Basic (VB 6.0), Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET), VB Script, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), ActiveX Objects (ADO), ADO.NET, DAO, and other Microsoft Products
Open Source Products: Structured Query Language (SQL), MySQL, Javascript, HTML
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